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L.A. Pacific Extra Sensitive Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste

€9,99 EUR

Whiter teeth in one minute!

L.A. Pacific's unique enzyme complex eats the sugar in your mouth and turns it into natural hydrogen peroxide, dissolving stains on your teeth to make your teeth brighter and whiter, without being overly abrasive.

Designed for daily use!

It Brightens - The pioneering enzyme reacts with the sugars in your mouth to create a NATURAL bleaching agent, banishing 82% of stains from your teeth with every use.

It Cleans - it gently cleanses debris from the surface of the tooth using tiny Pacific Sea Salts, which act as a gentle polisher. This formula is less abrasive than your average toothpaste!

It Lightens - The added Californian Crystals in the formula act like a highlighter for teeth, providing a subtle opal hue for instantly brighter looking teeth.

It Refreshes - With an undeniable flavour of delish Californian mint.

It Soothes - For the extra sensitive souls out there, this Extra Sensitive formula includes Potassium Citrate at it's core, which means nerve signals caused by sensitivity are blocked, so you can brush and whiten to your heart's content! 

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