Aussie Uplift Your Hair Mousse

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Aussie Uplift Your Hair Mousse

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You know those friends who stick with you from dusk to dawn, and make you feel great along the way? Think of our special styling mousse as your new BFF.

Giving your hair a long-lasting volume boost with the help of the volumising hair mousse, containing seaweed extract Australian Sea Kelp, it will be kind and loyal right to the ends.


  • Effortless free-flowing style without the crunch
  • A 'do' that won't be shifted by a breeze, but it'll brush like one
  • Smells A-mazing!


  1. Apply to wet or dry hair - the choice is yours. Add a coin size to the palm of your hand...
  2. Start with the lengths of your hair and use your fingertips to work through the strands
  3. Work into the styles you're after and leave to dry. Then flaunt it!