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Bubble T Create Your Own Bath Cocktail

€12,95 EUR

Inspired by the Taiwanese drink, Bubble T’s tea-infused range uses essential oils and fruit extracts to create a variety of fresh and fruity bath and body products, with all products being free from parabens, SLS and totally against animal cruelty. 

This Forest Fruits scented gift set will infuse your bath with bubble and soften the water for the ultimate bathtime experience. Become a mixologist and create the perfect bath for you! This set is perfect as a Christmas gift, for both adults and children!



Place 2 or 3 bath pearls into the cocktail shaker.

Pour the shower gel into the cocktail shaker, ensuring the liquid covers the bath pearls fully.

Sprinkle the bath caviar into the shaker for an added infusion of fragrance.

Run hot water into the shaker until it is approximately 75% full.

Shake well to mix!

Open the lid and pour into the bath and ENJOY!

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