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Bubble T Make Your Own Bath Fizzer

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Inspired by the Taiwanese drink, Bubble T’s tea-infused range uses essential oils and fruit extracts to create a variety of fresh and fruity bath and body products, with all products being free from parabens, SLS and totally against animal cruelty. 

These super cute gift-sets allow you to create your own luxury Bubble T Bath Fizzer, including bath caviar salt and bath & shower jelly to include in your fizzer! Available in 3 gorgeous fragrances - Hibiscus & Acai Berry, Moroccan Mint and Lemongrass & Green Tea.



1. Pour a liberal amount of bath salts into one half of the bath fizzer.

2. Squeeze the bath jelly on top of the salt, covering it completely in a layer. Close together with the other half of the fizzer.

3. Open the enclosed bag and place the whole fizzer inside.

4. Add to bath and watch it fizz! 


Fun for both adults and children, and the perfect gift idea this Christmas! 

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