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Bubble T Sweet Berry Pamper Parcel

€24,59 EUR

The Bubble T Sweet Berry Pamper Parcel contaisn a range of bath and body products in hibiscus and acai berry tea scents. 

This set has something for everyone with an adorable re-usable mason jar filled with bath fizzers. The bath infusion tea bags allow you to become the tea bag and brew in the Hibiscus and Acai berry fragrance. Use as much or as little as you need and make your bath special.

All Bubble T products are Paraben free and infused with essential oils.

What's Included

  • Bath Infusion Tea Bags in hibiscus & acai berry tea
  • Fizzy bath powder in hibiscus & acai berry tea
  • Jar of Bath Fizzies in hibiscus & acai berry tea
  • Restoring Shower Gel in hibiscus & acai berry tea
  • Melting Oil Pearls in hibiscus & acai berry tea

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