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Embryolisse Cicalisse 40ml

€12,99 EUR

Rushing straight to the rescue of stressed-out complexions, Embryolisse’s Cicalisse SOS Restorative Cream helps to bolster the skin’s repair processes – soothing irritation and reducing any redness.

Powered by 3% acexamic acid – shown to accelerate skin’s rehabilitative processes – alongside sodium hyaluronate to bolster moisture reservoirs and keep skin plumped and dewy, this calming and comforting cream brings relief to inflamed or reactive complexions.

A thirst-quenching drink for dry, compromised skin (it’s perfect for taking the sting out of sunburn), this tube is a cabinet must-have, quickly counteracting any itchiness or dryness, while helping to heal superficial abrasions, scrapes, stings, scabs or post-wax ouches.

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