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Embryolisse Eclat du Regard (Radiant Eye)

€22,60 EUR

From best-loved French pharmacy brand Embryolisse, Eclat du Regard provides immediate refreshment for tired eyes. The cooling and rejuvenating stick has both instant and long-term benefit, boosting-radiance and brightening the eye area while the blend of sugar derivatives and aloe vera combine to moisturise and refine skin texture (creases and crepiness be gone!). A metabiotic then improves micro-circulation to minimise puffiness and dark circles, so all tell-tale signs of fatigue are dismissed and your eyes appear clearer, ‘lifted’ and more youthful. A make-up artist must-have, we recommend you keep this in your handbag for on-the-go eye enhancement.

This clever little eye brightening stick works wonders – whether you need to look wide awake in an instant, or are looking for something to gradually brighten your circles of darkness. Cooling upon application, this offers relief to gritty eyes and heavy lids, whilst relaxing wrinkles and optimising luminosity so those windows to your soul sparkle like they’ve just been squeegeed! Perfect under or over make-up –this will grip concealer so it stays put longer, as well as renewing its appearance as the day wears on. The French are renowned for their ‘fantastique’ pharmacy brands, and this little miracle is a prime example of what those Gallic geniuses do best – simple, effective, affordable skin care solutions. Et voila!

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