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Embryolisse Hydra Mask 60ml

€24,85 EUR

The French are renowned for fantastic pharmacy brands and Laboratoires Embryolisse is a prime example of what those Gallic geniuses do best. Bathing skin in moisturising and regenerative active ingredients, this moisture-rich mask leaves your complexion plump in mere minutes. Hyaluronic acid, natural plant oils and vitamins regenerate your skin’s moisture barrier and ensure an optimal level of moisture. 

If your skin’s in need of a moisture boost, this ultra-moisturising cream mask is just the ticket. Bathing skin in hydrating and regenerating active ingredients, it will leave your complexion smooth, soft and plump in mere minutes. Hydrating extraordinaire hyaluronic acid attracts moisture from the atmosphere to enhance moisture levels, helped along by natural plant oils (sesame and sweet almond oils) and vitamins (A, E and F) that regenerate your skin’s natural barrier and maintain an optimal level of hydration. After just 15 minutes, your face will feel soft, smooth and fresh, while looking plump, youthful and radiant.

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