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Embryolisse Filaderme Emulsion 75ml

€25,99 EUR

A French pharmacy favourite, Embryollise brings some highly prized je ne sais quoi to your skin care collection. The brand’s bestselling Lait-Crème Concentre has become the stuff of legend, found in the kit bags of pro-MUAs who’re obsessed with its nourishing, priming and dew-boosting properties, while no Francophile is without a chic tube of their Holy Grail, does-it-all formula.

Developed to bolster skin’s barrier function, Embryolisse’s Filaderme Emulsion is great for replenishing dry, scaly skin as it gradually works to restore its resilience.

With a cocktail of natural, nourishing actives to supplement skin’s lipid layer and strengthen the ‘intercellular cement’ that seals the “good stuff” in and keeps the “bad stuff” out, this blend of conditioning shea and soothing aloe vera works to calm and comfort compromised complexions. Deeply conditioning, this helps to promote elasticity and counteract any rough, irritated patches so your skin feels strong, supple and beautifully dewy.

Can be used as an overnight masque/daily cream.

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