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Gilette Mach 3 Toilet Bag Set

€12,95 EUR

Gillette's MACH3 Toilet Bag Set is perfect for guys looking to stay well-groomed. The razor and shaving gel work in synergy to promote a close and comfortable shave. Complete with a handy wash bag.

The Set Contains:

MACH3 Razor
An innovative razer offering three DuraComfort blades to deliver a close shave without the irritation. Built with an Advanced Skin Guard that helps stretch your skin in order to prepare the hair to be shaved, and a gel strip for excellent glide and protection. Feels better after the tenth shave than a new dispoable does on the first. Arrives with one blade refill.

MACH3 Shaving Gel 
A luxurious shave gel that has been specially formulated to promote excellent glide and soft, smooth results.

Travel Bag

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