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Gillette Venus Quench 2 Pack

€7,95 EUR

The Venus Quench women’s razor lathers and glides to help protect skin. Designed with 3 blades and Quench Bars with a triple blend of body butters for a comfortable shave and beautifully smooth skin.

  • 3 blades for a smooth shave
  • Built-in Quench Bars are enhanced with a triple blend of body butters for a smooth shave
  • Simply wet the razor for skin-loving, light lather and a smooth shave
  • For best results, hang razor on shower hook to air dry between uses
  • Easy-to-change razor cartridges
  • SoftGrip handle for great control, even when it’s wet
  • A pivoting, rounded head hugs your curves and fits easily into hard-to-shave areas

Comes with 1 handle and 2 razor cartridges

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