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Purederm Hydro Pure Gel Sheet Face Masks

€3,99 EUR

    Hydrogelic face masks for an array of different skin concerns, from purifying to anti-ageing. Choose which best suits your skin type and simply adhere to the face, sit back and relax while improving your skin health!
  • GOLD EMU – enriched with emu oil to deeply hydrate and smoothen wrinkles, while gold brightens and rejuvenates the skin. Promotes brighter, younger-looking skin.
  • NUTRITIVE FIRMING – containing caviar and vitamin E, this mask promises to hydrate and improve elasticity in the skin, while also lifting and firming.
  • CELL ILLUMINATING – a gentle, hydrating mask designed to brighten skin and even out pigmentation marks, evening out the skin tone while also hydrating and calming the skin.
  • AGE DEFYING – anti-ageing with vitamin A, helps to prevent wrinkles, hydrate the skin and build up to plump up the skin, giving a look of fullness.

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