Purederm Instant Softening Heel Mask

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Purederm Instant Softening Heel Mask

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An Exclusive Heel Mask for Cracked, Calloused and Dry Heel that Provides Deep Hydration and Softness.

✔️ Designed to Fit in A Heel Shape.

✔️ No Leakage, Move as Usual With a Mask.

✔️ Urea, Madecassoside, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Hemp Seed Oil.

Do Not Use for more than 1 Hour, Not intended for Pregnant or Nursing Moms.


How To Use

1. Open the package, take out Softening Pad and put it on the heel in the same direction as the picture.

2. Unfold the Protecting Fabric and wrap it over the Softening Pad. Attach Fixing Label to fix them. When applying Protecting Fabric, as shown in the picture, the “Heel” part should go towards the heel.

3. After 30 minutes, remove Softening Pad & Protecting Fabric and gently massage remaining essence into the skin.