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Real Techniques Brush Crush Luminous Glow Set

€25,00 EUR

The Brush Crush Luminous Glow Collection by Real Techniques features 3 brushes alongside a sponge and applicator, allowing you perfect makeup application every time - and super instagrammable packaging!

Set includes:

- 304 Fan Brush:
A delicate brush designed for powders that creates a fine glowing highlight by dusting the skin.

- 302 Blush Brush:
The Blush Brush features a triangle tip and helps to apply blush to the face.

- 303 Contour Brush:
The Contour Brush features a flat head of bristles that applies makeup evenly across the contours of the fame.

- Diamond Foundation Applicator:
Smooth and flexible, the Diamond Foundation Applicator is a hygienic tool for applying foundation makeups.

- Miracle Diamond Sponge:
With a number of different faces, this sponge is great for blending multiple makeups together across the face.

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