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SOSU by SJ Bespeckle Faux Freckle Pen

€9,95 EUR

Looking for an effortless sunkissed complexion? Introducing the SOSU by SJ Bespeckle Faux Freckle Pen for trendy and natural-looking faux freckles. With its felt tip applicator, the pen will give you full control when dotting lifelike freckles across your nose, cheeks and forehead to amp up your natural beauty look.

By simply using dabbing motions onto your skin, the customisable pen will help to create a soft delicate finish or build for a bolder, full-freckled look. The natural brown shade is suitable for most skin tones, giving your complexion an instant and photo-ready kiss from the sun!

✔️Dot, Blend & Go 

✔️Soft felt tip applicator for a buildable and customisable formula

✔️The natural brown shade is suitable for all skin tones for an instant kiss from the sun

✔️Easy to use pen applicator can be popped in your makeup bag while on the go

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