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Coconut Craze - Get The Lowdown On Koconoi

We are totally obsessed with skincare here at The Beauty Basket - specifically skincare that actually WORKS. There are so many gimmicky products in the skincare game, but we at TBB have brought in a new line of affordable but effective skincare, sourced from a specialised cosmetic laboratory in Spain known as Niche Beauty Labs.

We want to introduce you to KOCONOI - the clean, cruelty-free, coconutty skincare range made from certified pure coconuts only sourced in Hawaii and the Philippines, which combines clean, natural skincare and the latest generation cosmetic chemistry to give you the best possible results for your skin.




We have a comprehensive range of Koconoi products available on our site for all your skins needs - pictured above is the Koconoi Cleansing Oil - a magic cleanser for quickly and easily removing makeup while leaving a silky, moisturised feel on the skin even after it has been washed off.

We also have serums, scrubs, facial oils, calming creams, anti-ageing moisturisers - you name it, Koconoi has it covered.

Another interesting product in the range however, is a product that can be used EVERYWHERE on your body - even your hair! The All-In-One Magic Coconut is a gorgeous all-purpose beauty product designed to be used anywhere in need of moisture, whether that be in your hair, as a face-mask, all over your body - the benefits of using coconut oil all over are endless. The oil absorbs into the hair shaft, hydrating the hair from within to leave it silky and soft. Coconut oil also has anti-microbial effects, meaning that it can fight bacteria on the skin to purify as well as deeply hydrate and nourish. It can also be used alongside an exfoliating mitt to remove stubborn old fake tan. All in all, coconut oil is definitely a beauty neccessity and something every skincare/haircare fanatic should have in their bathroom!



 Koconoi has also developed a Kau Pe Flowers Calming Cream product especially for those who suffer from redness and sensitivity in their skin. The product is made with cooling Tiare Floral Water and Polynesian Lagoon Water to soothe and calm the skin, easing irritation and hydrating the skin while also preventing itchiness or that "hot flush" feeling associated with sensitive skin. This is a fabulous product for us Irish-skinned ladies, as we tend to be prone to redness and sensitivity in this part of the world! 

The product also has a press n' pump applicator, which means no dipping or scooping - so better hygiene all round!


Another product worth mentioning is the Koconoi Bora Bora White Sand Exfoliating Scrub - which is, in my opinion, the hero product of the entire range. This product is made with miniscule sand particles from the beaches of Bora Bora, encased in a gel like formulation - to remove surface impurities, dead skin cells and increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, allowing for more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered from within. It evens out the skins texture and any irregularities or bumps, as well as removing dirt & oil and brightening the complexion for a fresh-faced, youthful glow; and, it's suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES. Plus the name just sounds so exotic, it makes you feel like you're sunning yourself on a Bora Bora beach with your fab, flawless skin ! 



Check out the rest of the Koconoi range on our site here, or click on any of the above images to shop each product mentioned directly. 





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