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The Top Beauty Trends For 2021

2020 was definitely a year like no other. The global pandemic caused huge upheaval in everyones lives, and suddenly we all began spending a lot more time at home. Gone were the days of full faces of makeup for long days in the office. 

Every year panels of experts forecast what they believe are going to be the biggest trends of the year going forward. We have no doubt that most of the predictions for 2020 were a bit far off the mark! 

Entering into 2021 we have a much better idea of how this year may go. Whilst a vaccine is on the horizon, many are well settled in to life socially distanced. With this in mind, we've put together what we think will be the biggest beauty trends for 2021.

embryolisse skincare range

All About Skin

Great skincare has become the focus for many over the past few months and we see this growing even more in 2021. Targeted skincare to deal with specific skincare problems has become top of the list for many, choosing skincare to suit each skin concern effectively. We've put a huge focus on expanding our skincare range on The Beauty Basket this year and have solutions for everything from acne to dry, dehydrated skin. 

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mask makeup focus on eye makeup

Eye Focus

Face masks are an accessory that is here to stay for a while. With this, the focus on makeup will shift towards the more visible areas, naturally the eyes and brows. This doesn't necessarily mean heavy eye make up. We can see more focus being put on perfectly shaped fluffy brows and defined eye makeup.

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sosu terrie mcevoy sosu elixir

No Makeup Makeup

Embracing natural makeup looks will be a huge trend this year. Let your skincare do all the work and showcase glowing, radiant skin. The focus should be on enhancing your natural skin texture and steering clear of heavy over-done makeup.

Less Is More

Who can deal with smudged lipstick every time they take off their mask? We see the focus shifting away from dramatic lips and more towards a subtle pout. Keeping lips plump and hydrated with your favourite lip balm will be key. For an even plumper pout, a layer of Project Lip Lip Plumper will do the trick. Long-wearing and liquid lipsticks will also reign supreme here due to their smudgeproof qualities, with or without mask.

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