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Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Body Scrub

€4,99 EUR

This super effective body scrub is perfect for pre and post tanning prep – it exfoliates the skin to remove any dead cells and to ensure a perfect, streak free application before you tan, and helps to remove old tan stains from the skin post tanning!

We recommend exfoliating the skin a few days before applying tan - (NOTE: do not exfoliate the same day as you plan to tan to prevent any skin sensitivity!) - to ensure your tan applies perfectly and to reduce the risks of patchiness or streaks.

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff can be used on wet skin in the shower for a more gentle exfoliation, or on dry skin pre-shower for a much deeper scrub.

Remember, as with any exfoliating product, to be gentle with your skin and not apply too much pressure. Exfoliate using sweeping strokes, and if you want to up your exfoliation game, we recommend using this product alongside the Cocoa Brown Exfoliating mitt.

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