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SOS Keratin Rescue Treatment

€39,95 EUR

SOS - the latest hair care product from Shane O'Sullivan

It's the World's First D.I.Y. 12 Week Keratin Blow-dry Treatment.

Designed to erase extreme Frizz from your hair in a 10 minute* "at home" application, this unique treatment will keep your hair silky smooth, frizz free and easily manageable for up to 12 weeks at a time. This is the first time anything like this has been available for you to use at home and in such a short treatment time.
SOS really is a game changer for you and your hair care regime - try it and see the transformation for yourself!

✔ Reduces Styling Time
✔ Erases Frizziness
✔ Increases Smoothness


*Detailed instructions are included - it is very important to read these fully to get the best results for your hair type and length. 

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