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VIA Natural Hair, Scalp & Body Oil

€2,99 EUR


VIA Natural is a multi-purpose oil comprised of natural or naturally derived ingredients, for use on the hair, skin, body, & nails. 

These oils are an all-natural formula, concentrated with essential oils, to promote stronger, shinier and healthier hair, soft and smooth skin, soften the cuticles of the nails and also works amazingly well in conjunction with an exfoliating mitt to remove stubborn traces of tan easily and quickly! 

Each oil has a gorgeous natural scent and the handy compact size is perfect for taking with you wherever you go! 

Use in the shower, mixed with shower gel or on it's own for the body or with conditioner for your hair or applied to wet hair as a treatment to be rinsed out, also can be mixed with moisturisers for the body or used alone, with an exfoliating mitt for tan removal in the shower - there really is no end to how these oils can be used!

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